Just launched in the UK by YMT Technologies, is the Deuce range of vices. These feature the tried and tested dovetail technology which is used across the whole range of 5th Axis’ vices. Simple, secure and reliable workholding is achieved by machining a dovetail form in the edge of the material during the blocking up operation using the special dovetail tool supplied by YMT Technologies.

There is no costly equipment required to form a profile for clamping and no extra handling. The dovetail technology is well known for its secure clamping capabilities, on as little as 1.5mm of material, enabling more aggressive machining strategies to be used with confidence. For soft materials such as aluminium, the top edge of the dovetail groove on the vice has a crimping pattern so, for lighter machining applications, there is no need to perform the dovetail machining operation.

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