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    Re-calibrating the thought processes surrounding automation Read More
  • Disruptive Technology in Manufacturing

    CloudNC is introducing disruptive technology into subcontract manufacturing and aims to change the face of the sector with a series of manufacturing plants around the world. Read More
  • Magnesium & More

    For some time now, magnesium has increasingly found its way into medical technology. This material has better mechanical properties than polymers; it is porous and bio-absorbable and thus avoids a physically demanding follow-up operation. However, the machining of magnesium requires maximum expertise, both by the user and by the machine manufacturer. Read More
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Future Prosperity

UK manufacturers have faced a challenging time lately with global economies demonstrating a slowdown and the sector facing an extended period of uncertainty following the UK’s decision to leave the EU. says Dave Atkinson, UK head of manufacturing at Lloyds Bank. Read More
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Nuclear Energy A world of opportunities

Dale Edwards, Consultant Specialist, Nuclear Energy & Infrastructure at national law firm, Clarke Willmott is passionate about preparing our next generation of workers and leaders with the skills to achieve their goals along with upskilling those already in work. He shares his thoughts about how the civil nuclear energy sector is full of opportunities. Read More