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Extraordinary Level of Flexibility

Mark Bevan has built his successful machining business based on the three factors that define successful sub-contracting: the ability to deliver quality parts at the right price and always on time.
And for his Dorset-based MJB Precision Engineering operation, now in its 25th year, Mr Bevan says that attaining – and retaining – that holy grail of sub-contract supply has meant focusing on customer needs by “establishing close partnerships involving investment in specific machines to meet specific needs and imparting a consistent and expert level of applications engineering so that both MJB and our clients benefit from continual improvement”.

Standfast lives up to its name as Oil and Gas sector recovers

The well documented downturn in the oil & gas market hit many sub-contract companies hard, and while many chose to make cutbacks, Craigellachie, Banffshire-based Standfast Precision Engineering decided to stand firm and resisted the temptation to downsize. This meant when the work started to return it was fully manned with all the skills it needed to meet demand.

Quantum Improvements

High-Precision Single Stroke Honing® process produces <2 micron cylindricity in bores up to 10X longer than diameter
Sunnen Products Company has a quantum improvement in a key manufacturing process for cast-iron hydraulic valve bodies using a precision single pass process that achieves cylindricity/straightness under 2 microns in bores up to 10 times longer than diameter.

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