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Bright Future For Scottish Steel Working Company

Evolving from a small blacksmiths to a 1.5 acre site, John Thorburn & Sons Ltd has grown beyond recognition during its 70 year history.

The family run business that specialises in the construction, agriculture and commercial steel-working sectors has always invested in the latest technology to underpin its continuous growth. This investment has now seen the Scottish company invest in an UltraSharp plasma cutting machine from Rochdale based Kerf Developments.

ITC Extends Long Reach Aluminium Milling Line

The extremely popular Cyber Series of end mills from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now been extended with new developments added to the market leading 3051 Series.

The long series of square-end tools has now been enhanced with the addition of various corner radii for each diameter variant.

MAPAL Satisfies Aircraft Assembly With Al Stack Drills

During the assembly of aircraft, manufacturers frequently stack different aluminium alloys for the production of the aircraft fuselage.

During final assembly, drill feed units are employed to drill holes for rivet joints in the aluminium alloys that form the ribs and outer skin of the aircraft. MAPAL has now developed its Al/Al Stack drilling line to resolve issues that arise during this assembly process.

Drilling for Profit with SUMO3CHAM

In order to comply with market demand, ISCAR recently exhibited its next generation, advanced indexable drill and further extended its comprehensive product portfolio with the launch of SUMO3CHAM – an advanced three flute indexable drill.

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