Predictions for manufacturing: Industrial trends for 2019

Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Regardless of the phrase used to describe digitalization in manufacturing, there’s no denying that a shift has already taken place. But, is the age of industrial buzzwords coming to a grinding halt? Stefan Reuther, Chief Sales Officer at COPA-DATA, gives his three predictions for industrial automation in 2019 — no buzzwords included.

FAD-Free Technology Revolutionising Metalworking Industry

Many metalworking fluids have traditionally relied on formaldehyde donating (FAD) biocide tech-nology to offer equipment the best possible machine sump life. However, under new legislation which came into effect on December 1, any product which incorporates over 1000 ppm of a FAD containing biocide will need to be labelled as a carcinogenic product.

XYZ UMC-4+1 now available for demonstration

The first XYZ UMC-4+1 five-axis machining centre has arrived at the company’s headquarters in Burlescombe, Devon and is now available for demonstration. The machine features many of the key features of its sibling, the XYZ UMC-5X, but by focussing on 4+1 axis movements, rather than simultaneous five axis machining, the machine cost has been reduced, making multi-facet, high-precision, machining available to a much wider customer base.

Centenary catalogue from Lee Spring

Lee Spring’s new Centenary Catalogue issue 25 includes a full new section of DIN-Plus parts 2 and 1 compression springs. This extensive 525 series of new parts in end-closed passivated stainless steel wire, or end-squared and ground plated spring steel, provides manufacturers with a welcome resource for rapid delivery of standard parts, as well as a springboard for specification of custom units to suit those slightly different installations.  Lee Spring’s hundred-year history is built on a customer service ethic which directs product design and supply today.

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