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Workplace Noise!

Elevated noise in the industrial setting has been shown to have long term detrimental effects on workers’ health and wellbeing. Here, Anthony Barnett, Technical Marketing Manager at Armacell, looks at why the source of the problem is not always as obvious as you may think.

Dispelling the myths

Nigel Smith, managing director of TM Robotics, dispels some common misconceptions about implementing smart manufacturing.
Machine automation could be compared to the human body. Our eyes are the sensors that monitor operations. Our hands are the actuation to manoeuvre things around us. Finally, our brains are the process control, providing intelligence and managing processes. Traditionally, machines in industrial environments could only provide actuation, but not anymore.

Nikon opens up about its strategic focus on Quality 4.0

A recent interview with Tadashi Nakayama provides insight into the strategy of the firm’s Industrial Metrology Business Unit, of which he is Deputy General Manager.

In particular, he explained the company’s strategic focus on Quality 4.0, where digital, automated and connected inspection enables complete process control from design through to manufacture.

Working together in Industry 4.0

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” - Isaac Newton, 1675.

Isaac Newton was a mathematician, astronomer, theologian and physicist whose work was a critical part of the development of much of the technology we take for granted.  His recognition of the importance of collaborative working should inspire the workers of today. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of EU Automation, explains how Industry 4.0 is allowing us to increase industry collaboration.

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