The SCHUNK standard Chuck Jaws range is recognised as the world’s most comprehensive series, comprising of over 1,200 different jaw types. Now, the world wide competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology is promoting this extensive range with the SCHUNK performance promise.


Part of the seasonal performance promise is the renowned SCHUNK PRONTO. The PRONTO can be retrofitted on all fine serrated lathe chucks and quick-change chucks in the sizes 200, 250, and 315, regardless of the manufacturer. The innovative system can reduce set-up times by up to 95%. The PRONTO consists of special supporting jaws that can be combined with different quick-change inserts. These inserts allow expansion of the clamping diameter by up to 55mm for soft jaws and by up to 45mm for claw jaws, without having to move the base jaw.
Even more prominent is the rise of the QUETNES series of plastic jaws from SCHUNK. Developed for sensitive clamping applications, the QUENTES plastic jaws provide impressive clamping forces with maximum surface protection. The glass-fiber composite permits a high coefficient of friction and prevents clamping marks on the workpiece surface. Generating a high level of stability through its aluminium supporting structure, the lightweight and stable design makes the popular QUENTES suitable for high speed machining whilst proving a cost-effective system for low-deformation clamping of machined parts.

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