As a key innovator in Industry 4.0, Roemheld offers a wide range of products designed to support a ‘smart factory’ environment.  These tackle the challenges companies face when looking to increase automation within the manufacturing process.


5-Axis clamping can present particular challenges and so Roemheld has developed an electronic wireless pressure sensor.  This offers stationary and mobile measurement of rotating or hard-to-reach sections of hydraulic clamping fixtures.  Designed for use with automatic manufacturing systems, transfer lines, assembly lines and rotary indexing fixtures and tables, up to 16 pressure sensors can be individually configured and monitored from a single receiver.  Ideal for applications where wired connections are impractical or too expensive, the wireless electronic pressure sensor uses radio transmission with a free-field indoor range of up to 300m and an outdoor range of 60m.  The wireless electronic pressure sensor enables the pressure of single or multiple points to be checked simultaneously during start-up and maintenance with minimum installation costs.

The electronic wireless pressure sensor proved key to a research project that Roemheld collaborated on with the Manufacturing Technology Centre, based in the Midlands. The project involved running tests to measure the effects of centrifugal forces on hydraulic fixtures.  So being able to use a wireless pressure sensor to monitor multiple, moving sections at the same time was extremely advantageous.

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