The HIRT-Line range of stainless steel adjustable and lockable coolant hoses and nozzles have been a revelation since the product was recently introduced to the marketplace. Directing coolant to the target area and solving the problem of continually moving and frequently breaking coolant hoses, the HIRT-Line range has now been extended with the arrival of the new Type-0, 3.18mm (1/8”) diameter series.


The popularity of the HIRT-Line range of stainless steel coolant hoses has seen the range extended for the second time since its product launch. Initially introduced in two sizes with a Type-1, 5.8mm outlet diameter nozzle and a Type-2, 11mm diameter outlet nozzle; the third addition was the largest Type-3 hose with an output nozzle of 19mm (3/4”). However, following the relentless sales of the two initial Type 1 & 2 sizes, plus the success of the Type-3, the Swiss fluid management experts have now developed the Type-0 for particularly small machine tools that demand intricate and precise coolant delivery.

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