Mollart has unveiled FANUC as its exclusive CNC partner for its next generation MicroDrill range of VDMF vertical micro drilling machines..  The new MicroDrill offers a 25 per cent cycle time improvement compared to its predecessor, and now boasts a new W-axis alongside a two-axis coordinate table for the drilling of prismatic parts or, alternatively, on-board loading options.

One of the stand-out features of the latest version of the MicroDrill, is the integration of FANUC 35i-B CNC to control the machine. Primarily suited to milling and drilling lines, the 35i-B offers more capability than a PLC-based motion system, and benefits from a 100-Mbit Ethernet connection to facilitate high-speed part program transfers, data collection and remote trouble-shooting.

The CNC can also reduce cycle times thanks to five simultaneously-executing independent PMC ladders, which also eliminate the need for external PLCs; while the graphical user interface can facilitate faster programming times and quick access to real-time machining data.

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