Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) Ltd has further added to its comprehensive line-up with the arrival of the Widia Victory High Speed Cutting (VHSC) Series of milling cutters. This versatile new line-up is suitable for everything from face milling, pocketing, ramping, circular interpolation boring, slotting and shoulder milling.  The innovative new range of end mills incorporates a proprietary pocket design that enables the end user to integrate multiple insert radii of one body definition.

Furthermore, the inserts retain their axial positioning regardless of the insert corner nose radius. The high speed aluminium profiling and pocket milling range is capable of machining at speeds up to 3000m/min with high speed cylindrical end mills, cutting monoblocks and shell mills available in diameter ranges from 25 to 32mm, 25 to 50mm and 40 to 80mm respectively. With a technologically advanced cutter body design, the new VHSC Series permits heavy feeding and ramping whilst the flute design and internal coolant channels are engineered to evacuate chips with the utmost efficiency.

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