Master Fluid Solutions’ long-established expertise in the development of metalworking fluids for cost-effective, high quality machining is highlighted in a new publication that introduces the reader to its comprehensive range of premium cutting and grinding fluids that include boron- and formaldehyde-free products. The four-page brochure covers synthetic, semi-synthetic, soluble oil-based formulations, many of which carry approvals by the major aerospace manufacturers.


The new additions mentioned in this publication include TRIM® C116 and TRIM® SC440, both low foaming fluids, specifically developed for machining cast iron and mild steels.  Also appearing for the first time is TRIM® MicroSol 590XT, an aerospace semi-synthetic with Boeing and Airbus approval, which harnesses the latest technology to provide long life and excellent protection of sensitive alloys.

Entitled the TRIM® Solutions Product Guide, the brochure provides a brief description of each product in this latest range with a quick guide to its mineral oil, EP and polar additives content.  Hard copies are available from Master Fluid Solutions on +44(0)1449 726800
It is also available as a pdf download at

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