A new turn-mill centre with an upper B-axis spindle having a ±150 mm Y-axis and an optional lower BMT turret with the possibility of a ±40 mm Y-axis and live tooling and has been introduced by DMG MORI for highly productive, complete machining of components up to 1.5 metres long from bar of 102 mm maximum diameter.

The generous 675 mm X-axis travel of the compactMASTER direct-drive milling spindle, which is just 350 mm long, to 125 mm below the spindle centreline adds to the machine’s versatility. It is served by a tool magazine with 38 stations, optionally expandable to 114 pockets. Tool breakage monitoring and integral tool measurement in the work area ensure efficient machining.
The NTX 3000 2nd Generation multi-tasking centre is capable of simultaneous 5-axis CNC machining of complex workpieces yet occupies a footprint of only 16.5 square metres. The main spindle is capable of rotational speeds to 3,000 rpm and has a maximum torque of 1,194 Nm. A counter-spindle is optional for machining on all six faces of a component, while alternatively a tailstock may be specified.
Experience gained from installing more than 1,000 of the smallest, 65 mm bar NTX 2000 model has been brought to bear in the design of the new machine. The latest model has a robust machine bed with roller guideways and offers high process stability and flexibility.

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