Motion control specialist appointed as sole UK distributor

Emolice, has been appointed as the sole UK and Ireland distributor for the Servotronix motion controller, servo and stepper motors and servo drives range.
The addition boosts the existing line of products offered by Emolice for industrial automation, process and control applications.  They have developed a range of partnerships that can deliver complete position and motion control solutions to customers across the UK and Ireland. The new sole UK and Ireland distributor agreement with Servotronix GmbH adds products such as the recently launched single axis CDHD2 and the dual axis DDHD to Emolice’s offering.

Hexagon Announces Production Software Business

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division have announced the formation of its Production Software business, comprising Vero Software, FASys and SPRING Technologies. The move, which sees the three acquisitions adopting Hexagon’s corporate identity, reflects Hexagon’s broadening expertise in the production technology space.
Hexagon acquired Vero Software, a specialist in CAD CAM software, in 2014 and has continued to expand and diversify its offering. The 2017 acquisition of FASys brought tooling and resource management software and shop-floor automation and integration expertise into the portfolio. SPRING Technologies, acquired in 2018, provides CNC simulation technology for G-code verification and workflow optimisation. Combining components of this rich portfolio of technology, Hexagon has already utilised this expertise to develop solutions for reverse engineering and on-machine measurement.

New PTC partnership connects UK businesses

Novotek UK and Ireland has partnered with industrial software provider PTC to provide its ThingWorx platform to UK businesses.
 The PTC partnership will extend Novotek’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology offering and will help businesses in the UK’s manufacturing and energy sector improve their system effectiveness, efficiency and connectivity.

Horn has expands lightweight milling system

DTM.CX09 arbour milling cutters are designed as roughing tools for use in machining applications that involve high cutting depths and place fewer demands on surface quality. The DTM.CX09.AL.F face milling cutter for finishing adds an adjustable body to the existing product range. Axial run-out can be adjusted easily to the exact micron using a presetter.

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