One Tool Does It All...

With tool changeovers and reduced ‘chip to chip’ time being buzzwords among highly productive machine shops, Advanced Carbide Tooling (ACT) has now introduced its exciting new NC Helix Drill from Nine9 to eradicate ‘non-cutting’ times.

Rome’s Invisible City

BBC’s ONE’s 60 minute special Rome’s Invisible City follows ScanLAB Projects and presenters Alexander Armstrong and Dr Michael Scott as they explore the hidden underground secrets of Ancient Rome.

The show explores Roman infrastructure and ingenuity, all below ground level. We journeyed via the icy, crystal clear waters of subterranean aqueducts that feed the Trevi fountain and two thousand year old sewers which still function beneath the Roman Forum today, to decadent, labyrinthine catacombs. Our laser scans map these hidden treasures, revealing for the first time the complex network of tunnels, chambers and passageways without which Rome could not have survived as a city of a million people.

Automotive Industry Professionals Invited To Two-Day Technical Event

Hexagon Metrology has announced plans to celebrate the opening of its new Automation Centre in Wetzlar with a technical event for the automotive industry. 

Focusing on in & offline 3D measurement technology within body shell manufacturing, the Automation Forum will showcase how top vehicle manufacturers are driving productivity by moving quality assurance into the production process.

Haas DT-1 Drill/Tap Center Now Available with 20K Spindle

The highly popular Haas DT-1 Drill/Tap center is now available with a 20,000-rpm inline direct-drive spindle, giving customers the ability to run higher feedrates for small tools and high-speed machining operations.

The optional 20K spindle is ideal for applications that require high spindle speeds, and powerful enough to mill hard-to-machine materials. It allows rigid tapping to 5000 rpm, with up to four times retract speed to reduce cycle times. The spindle is powered by a 15 hp vector drive system that yields 16 ft-lb of cutting torque, and the motor is coupled directly to the spindle to reduce heat, increase power transmission, and provide excellent surface finishes.

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