Introducing the UKs first retro-fitted and freely programmable coolant nozzle with automatic data exchange via the tool offset of the machine; Floyd Automatic is certain to keep the coolant flowing to the cutting edge with this unique innovation. The challenge for manufacturers running machine tools with multiple cutting tools used on a single component is how to keep the coolant flowing directly to the cutting edge with continually changing tool lengths and diameters.


As an example, coolant hoses can be directed at the cutting edge of a tool protruding 60mm from the spindle nose; however the next tool from the carousel may have a protrusion of 100, 150 or even beyond 200mm. The result is the coolant jet will not remain targeted at the cutting edge due to the ever changing tool length parameters. Insufficient coolant supply can create excessive heating of the contact area, poor swarf clearance, diminishing tool life and consequently inconsistent tool life.   

To enhance tool life, machining performance, surface finishes and even prolong the life of the fluid, the VARIO-Jet guarantees that coolant is always directed at the cutting area. The VARIO-Jet can be retro-fitted to any machine tool with a tool offset. As standard, the VARIO-Jet is available with 20bar pressure and an optional system is offered with 80bar.

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