The extensive MAPAL portfolio of ISO tools for milling operations has now been extended with the addition of a new range of cast iron insert grades that cover the bandwidth from GJL and GJV to GJS.


The new inserts provide a significant increase in tool life and a consequent result of improved cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the new product line facilitates higher cutting speeds that will maximise productivity. The insert series is based on a completely new series of carbide substrates. The structures of the carbides have been modelled in such a way that they provide an optimum relationship between ductility and wear resistance.

To maximise the scope of the new grades, MAPAL has engineered the new ISO insert lines to correspond with existing 75 degree face mill cutters as well as MAPAL’s renowned 90 degree tangential shoulder milling tools with a tight pitch designation for high feed machining. Furthermore, the new inserts can also be allocated to 45 and 88 degree shoulder milling tools with alternately mounted tangential indexable inserts that enhance the economic benefits of the new grades.  For unprecedented levels of cost effectiveness, radial eight edged inserts can be allocated to MAPAL’s 45 degree face mill cutters with an astounding cutting depth of up to 10mm.

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