With correlation-free measurements, ZEISS launched a new innovation that will enable the automotive industry to measure and manufacture parts with even greater efficiency. This technology marks a massive step forward on the path to the Smart Factory of tomorrow. At ZEISS, correlation-free measurements are considered a game changer because they will permanently alter in-line measuring technology and ultimately the world of manufacturing. This innovation was presented at the Control trade fair in Stuttgart.


ZEISS developed correlation-free measuring to ensure that component dimensions are measured reliably in the production line, beginning with the very first part. With this system, companies must no longer subsequently measure their car body components on a highly precise coordinate measuring machine (CMM) at regular intervals, and then transfer the identified deviations between the in-line and CMM measurements to the in-line measuring systems as correction values. “Correlation-free measurements will provide an entirely new foundation for in-line measuring technology and boost manufacturing efficiency,” says Dr. Kai-Udo Modrich, Head of Carl Zeiss Automated Inspection. A quick look at the world of in-line technology below will provide a better understanding how automotive manufactures benefit from this new technology.

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