Midland Tank and Ironplate Ltd have recently completed the investment and installation of a new Prima Power BCe Smart 2220 Panel Bender at their factory in Birmingham, adding a significant new dimension to the companies’ range of sheet steel processing capabilities.

A member of the well-proven family of Prima Power Panel Bending machines, with a maximum bending length of 2,250mm and height up to 204mm, the BCe Smart 2220 is able to automatically position, bend and manipulate sheet steel parts for a fully automatic bending process, creating the required bends and forms on all edges and producing the finished part to a high degree of accuracy and repeatability thanks to its servo-electric drive system.

The ergonomic and easy-to-use design of the machine is a further, key feature for safe and easy loading by the operator - the loading and unloading tables include a split, fold-down design, meaning that new parts can be placed on the table for processing and completed pieces can be removed without the operator having to lean excessively into the machine – extremely important for both health and safety and for operational efficiency.

The programming of the machine is undertaken via the Prima Power ‘Master BendCam’ software which is supplied as standard on the machine. Using an intuitive, simple to operate graphical display, this generates the full bending program from the drawing of the part, which can be drafted within the software or originate from a variety of common CAD packages.

The BCe Smart is available with a range of optional elements for increased efficiency, flexibility and to ensure the suitability of the machine for each customers’ particular needs. For MTI, the machine was specially configured with ‘Narrow Profile’ upper clamp tooling, required for the bending of a particular door frame element that had bends in very close proximity to each other.

“Our need was to automate and improve the process for our Steel Door Blanks and Bars” comments MTI’s Managing Director, David Cox, “we needed something that would fulfil these needs and allow us to increase our production volumes. The use of a panel bender was something that we had been considering for around 10 years and the BCe Smart is a great solution that additionally gives us the flexibility to undertake other work over a broader range of products”

MTI have been a customer of Prima Power for many years and additionally have two Prima Power Platino 1530 2D Lasers, “we decided on the Prima Power solution” says David, “not only because of what the machine had to offer in terms of its capabilities, design and performance, but also because of our relationship with Prima Power and the excellent service support that we have always received. The project for the BCe Smart has been a great experience and the machine will revolutionise our processes, we are really impressed and very happy with the machine”

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