EDGECAM will highlight its very latest CAM capability and machining best practice, with a live demonstration of manufacturing an Inconel aero-engine disc at Seco Tools’ forthcoming aerospace Inspiration Through Innovation event.

It will be one of nine demonstrations from a range of Seco’s technical partners during the two day event on October 9 and 10. Its focus: Cycle time reduction and achieving a superior surface finish.
Part of Hexagon’s Production Software stable, EDGECAM provides manufacturers with waveform turning and milling, B-axis turning and on-machine probing and inspection, CMM, SPC and factory simulation turkey services.
Strategic Partnership Manager Wesley Tonks says a major challenge for manufacturers is verifying that their products are made correctly, according to exact specifications – both on a large and minor scale. “Machined from technically advanced materials, aero-engine discs are the solid core, attached to engine’s fan, compressor and turbine blades, usually by dovetail or fir-tree root. These complex and critical parts exhibit a range of demanding features, all of which have to be machined to the highest possible standards.
“Producing engine discs requires full understanding of those needs, and the ability to implement the most innovative cutting processes. On such complex items, ‘flash’ burrs can present a problem, as do edge-rounding and surface integrity in critical locations.”

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