With a new blisk and impeller machine making its public debut, complemented by a host of technology developments and demonstrations on a range of machines and ‘partner’ workstations featuring innovative production and manufacturing technologies, this year’s Starrag’s Turbine Technology Days – the seventh in the series – left a record number of visitors (from 18 countries) with plenty to think about in terms of world-class manufacturing of turbine blades, blisks and engine casings.

While the spotlight was firmly on the new Starrag NB 151 for the machining of impellers and blisks of up to 600 mm diameter and weighing 300 kgs, there was a range of other on-machine presentations that also caught the eye. These were showcased alongside several workstations featuring the latest in tooling, toolsetting and tool management, CNC system technologies, CAD/CAM and inspection routines, as well as in-process grinding.
Colin Sirett, chief executive of the Sheffield-based Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing - the keynote speaker at the two-day event at Starrag’s headquarters in Rorschach, Switzerland.

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