Matsuura Machinery Corporation and Emuge-Franken group, announced at EMO that they will collaborate initially for 3 years with the development of tooling solutions for the Hybrid Additive Manufacturing market.

To offer tangible benefits for the customer in Additive Manufacturing Matsuura utilises a combination of traditional subtractive machining with powder bed additive manufacturing in one machine, as is offered on the LUMEX Hybrid Additive Manufacturing machine platform. This creates new demands on the tooling used and requires new geometries, tool materials or coatings
Hybrid Additive Manufacturing is a process in which selective laser melting in the powder bed is combined with subtractive 3-axis high-speed milling in a single machine. On the one hand, this achieves significantly higher accuracies and surface qualities than are possible with conventional laser melting in the powder bed. On the other hand, zero point definition through machine-integrated spindle coordinate systems makes it possible to generate high-precision reference and clamping surfaces for the downstream process chain. This results in a minimization of the downstream process chain, especially for tool and mold making, rapid prototyping or small series production.

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