Tungaloy UK has now expanded its market leading TungCut Series of multi-functional grooving tools with the introduction of the new AH7025 universal PVD grade and the high-performing DTM style chipbreaker.


The enhanced TungCut range incorporates a unique insert clamping mechanism to improve insert rigidity during machining. This provides extended insert life and stability when conducting a wide range of grooving applications on everything from compact Swiss-type machines through to heavy duty CNC turning centres.

The impressive AH7025 insert grade is Tungaloy’s first-choice grade for grooving applications. It features a high aluminum-content multi-layered Nano PVD coating with strong coating adhesion and a dedicated carbide substrate that creates superior fracture toughness as well as impressive resistance to wear and chipping. The result is an exceptional grade that ensures unparalleled machining efficiency, insert reliability and longevity when grooving steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant super-alloys.

The new insert designation is compatible with Tungaloy’s extremely diverse range of toolholders and boring bars, making the DTM and AH7025 grade combination available to a vast range of turning, parting and grooving applications on everything from the smallest and most compact sliding head turning machines through to large CNC turning and mill/turn machine tools. For further details, please contact Tungaloy.

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