Suitable for operating pressures up to 500 bar and temperatures to 200°C (optionally 250°C), a new range of compact hydraulic cylinders with block-type body and high load capacity has been introduced by Roemheld for use in punching and forming applications.


The new Block Cylinder S (strong) is a further development of the manufacturer’s proven cylinder range. Hydraulically double-acting, it is ideal for linear movements with demanding force requirements, as it is able to withstand high loads, including side loads which are absorbed by piston and rod guide rings. These also prevent direct metal contact between piston and cylinder housing, minimising mechanical wear.

Applications are typically to be found in pressworking, notably on punching, trimming, bending and stamping machines, as well as in joining and insertion equipment, and for mould slide actuation and core pulling. Inductive stroke-end controls are optionally provided for position monitoring.

Five sealing systems are available depending on the application conditions. By combining different materials, the sealing can be optimally adapted to the operating pressure, temperature and hydraulic fluid. It ensures that the piston moves consistently and smoothly even at low speeds, without stick-slip.

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