Manufacturers can now process even heavier workpiece applications in narrow locations thanks to FANUC’s latest addition to its collaborative robot portfolio, the CR-14iA/L.

The CR-14iA/L fills the gap between FANUC’s small and medium-sized six-axis collaborative robots, and can handle payloads of up to 14kg – twice that of the low-footprint CR-7iA model – with a reach of up to 820mm, from just a 296.5mm x 235mm footprint. However, the robot’s reach can be also be extended to up to 911mm, provided the payload is 12kg or below.

The CR-14iA/L benefits from the same integrated sensors and highly responsive ‘touch-to-stop’ reactive functionality as the rest of FANUC’s green ‘cobot’ range. As such, if the arm comes into contact with a fixed object or person, it gently stops and retracts. A safety system ensures that the robot stops at a maximum of 150N, however this can be reduced even further if required. Crucially, the kinematics and flexibility of the slim-profile CR-14iA/L allow it to work close to the robot base, thus making the best use of the available workspace, especially in narrow applications.

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