Axe & Status Machinery Ltd are exclusive UK distributors for Durma machinery, service and technical support, they are delighted to share with you the DURMA HD-F 3015 Fiber laser cutting machine.
As a total supplier for sheet metal manufacturing with almost 60 years of experience, Durma understands and recognizes the challenges, requirements and expectations of the industry.

Striving to satisfy the ever higher demands of our customers by continuously improving our products and processes while researching and implementing the latest technologies.
The Durma Fiber Laser is unrivalled with its rigid body structure, perfect filtration system, compact design, efficiency and user friendliness. With a Bevel Head for vertical and bevel cuts from 0 ° to 45 °. Optimal results provided through the combination of 5 axis interpolation and software. Positive and negative bevel angles in one part. Fiber lasers outshine with its fast cutting and energy efficiency abilities when especially its compared to CO2 lasers. Easy to use, maintenance and service has been achieved by the high technology of Fiber Lasers. Globally recognized efficient components used in DURMA Fiber Lasers add value to your company.   Rack & Pinion and Linear Motor Motion technologies achieves 3G acceleration. Durma always strive to serve quality, performance and efficiency to their customers.

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