German machining centre manufacturer Burkhardt + Weber (B+W) has launched a new, horizontal-spindle model, the MCC 800, to sit alongside the smaller MCC 630 that was introduced in 2017. Availability in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East is through sole sales and service agent, Kingsbury.

B+W has incorporated the stiffness and power of its heavy duty MCX range into the compact MCC models. In the case of the latest 800 mm (optionally 1,000 mm) pallet machine, it has created one of the most rigid and powerful metalcutting centres in its class for producing prismatic components weighing up to 2.5 tonnes including the fixture.
The single-piece bed casting allows rapid installation and commissioning, either as a stand-alone machine or as part of a line. B+W integrates a high level of Industry 4.0 monitoring and networking capability into its machines, offering comprehensive data acquisition and communication for efficient production, process safety and timely maintenance.

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