FARO┬«  has announced availability of FARO RevEngTM. This advanced software platform provides FARO Design ScanArm and FARO 8-Axis FaroArm┬« system users with a powerful tool that enables a comprehensive digital design experience. RevEngTM addresses a variety of reverse engineering and design challenges.

The Scan to Design Capability allows you to seamlessly scan, capture and display point clouds in color. Generate point clouds geometrically and visually accurate relative to the scanned object . Convert the point cloud into a high-quality mesh (i.e., edges, points and polygons that define the geometry of an object). Edit and optimize the mesh for further design purposes or make it 3D-printing-ready RevEngTM tools and functionality are tightly integrated to assure a seamless handoff of project information, which dramatically streamlines end-to-end workflows

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