Guhring UK has confirmed that it is ready for the looming ‘deadline day’ of Brexit, and regardless of the outcome, the company is in an enviable position to ensure there is no impact on the UK customer base.

Aside from being disillusioned by the lack of government progress, like the rest of the industry, Guhring UK’s Managing Director, Mr Chris Weston says: “If we get a deal or remain in Europe, there will be no change to business and we can all carry-on as before. If there is a no-deal, Guhring UK is in a fantastic position to service the cutting tool requirements of the UK.  We have large stock levels on the shelves in the UK, which are full of standard product lines. As we also manufacture and service here in the UK, this puts us in a great position that removes the uncertainty that surrounds many tooling suppliers that do not have our combination of a UK manufacturing facility or significant stock and storage capabilities.”

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