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Big year at Control for RPI UK

RPI UK will be launching the QuadProfile at Control 2019 in Stuttgart. It will also be exclusively previewing its RotoScan system. What’s more, all this will be debuting on RPI’s larger and completely redesigned new exhibition space on stand 7108.

Jim Palmer, RPI’s sales manager, said: “We’re thrilled to launch our all new QuadProfile at Control this year. This development delivers a brand-new capability to the CMM market, as the smallest and most accurate rotary table for turbine blade inspection. We are also demonstrating our prototype RotoScan at front of stand which is a robotic system that automates circular geometry in the same way its previously been achieved for non-contact metrology.”

Foundrax launches next generation Brinell hardness testing machine

Foundrax will be launching its next generation Robus machine at Control 2019 in Stuttgart and will exclusively preview its new low force Brinell range of machines on stand 5509.

Alex Austin, Foundrax MD said: “We’re excited to launch the new Robus machine at Control this year. This development delivers a high accuracy Brinell hardness testing capability from the most robust benchtop system on the market. Our machines deliver laboratory precision hardness testing in steelworks conditions and we pride ourselves on the accuracy, repeatability and lifespan of all our equipment. We have one example of a machine that has performed around 35,000,000 tests!”

5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

FAIRFRIEND will exhibit on booth J0330 their 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center
Gantry Crane Configuration offering a larger working area for loading  while the machining area is fully visible to operators. Independent Design of 3 Linear Axis and 2 Rotary AxisComparing with traditional 5 axis machine, three axes and two rotary axes are separated to avoid arc discrepancy when rotating and three axis displacement discrepancies.

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