Throughout the show, CGTech will be demonstrating VERICUTs Force optimization module. Force, which now offers optimization capabilities for both milling and turning operations, reduces machining times by as much as 30-70% while also extending the life of cutting tools.

Force is a physics-based optimisation method that determines the maximum reliable feed rate for a given cutting condition based on four key factors: force on the cutter, spindle power, maximum chip thickness, and maximum allowable feed rate. It calculates ideal feed rates by analysing tool geometry and parameters, material properties of the stock and cutting tool, detailed cutting tool geometry, and VERICUT cut-by-cut contact conditions

CGTech will also be demonstrating the latest versions of VERICUT Composites Programming (VCP) & Simulation (VCS) Software. The aerospace industry continues to push for lighter, faster, and more cost-effective parts and to support these goals, VCP now puts more power into user’s hands.

Visit CGTech in Hall 4, Booth E120

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