Immediately inside the visitors’ entrance to Surface World Live 2018, family-owned vibratory finishing specialist PDJ Vibro will promote its comprehensive range of new and refurbished bowls, barrels and high energy centrifugal equipment, as well as the vast range of consumables on offer.


The company will also stress the comprehensiveness of its services, from technical consultancy and application engineering through machine upgrade, repair and part-exchange to 24/7 subcontract vibratory finishing and polishing.  Vibratory machines ensure that deburring, descaling, edge breaking, surface finishing and superfinishing of components is carried out automatically, consistently and to a high degree of repeatability that is unattainable when processing by hand. It also reduces labour costs, reworking and scrap. At the same time, parts can be degreased, rinsed, dried and pretreated for anodising, chemical blacking or painting.

People in any industry who are currently manually finishing their components are invited to log on to to find out how much this repetitive and unpopular job is actually costing them and how much could be saved by automating the process.
Another area of focus will be the vast range of components that can be efficiently and safely processed using the vibratory technique. Anything from rusty old chains to parts machined to tolerances measured in single-figure microns are suitable candidates for vibro finishing, as are delicate components produced by additive manufacturing.

PDJ Vibro provides free process analysis and advice, taking into account the number of parts to be finished per batch, frequency of production, drainage and noise issues, the size of the components and how vulnerable they are to impingement damage. Finishing trials and sample processing are also offered, along with flexible payment and buy-back solutions.

What’s more, if funding is not available for machine purchase, the company recommends its subcontract finishing capacity. Around 35 million parts are processed annually. A collection and delivery service is provided, but customers can arrange their own transportation if preferred or even wait for the parts to be ready.


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