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Goodwin accelerate in-process checks

Operating from a, world class manufacturing facility located in the heart of Staffordshire, Goodwin International Ltd manufactures components for a wide range of demanding sectors including the nuclear, defence, oil and gas, power generation, aerospace and renewable industries.

Simple Accurate Measurement Solution for Weymouth College

Bowers Group has donated an XT Digital Bore Gauge Set to the Engineering Department at Weymouth College, providing students with valuable experience of using a simple, accurate measurement solution likely to be encountered in their future careers in industry.

Geoff Williams, Lecturer in Engineering at Weymouth College said: “The XT Digital Bore Gauge from Bowers Group is of great benefit to my students. It allows them to measure internal dimensions, including bore diameters, to exceptionally tight tolerances. We are delighted that Bowers Group has kindly donated the bore gauge to the college, and that they recognise the value in contributing to the quality education of the engineers of the future.

Without a shadow of a doubt

When military vehicle manufacturers develop new tactical vehicle concepts, consistency and quality is crucial. Lee Dixon, Quality Manager at military steering system supplier Pailton Engineering, reveals the quality control machinery used in the manufacture of military and commercial vehicle steering parts.

Embedded technology is transforming military vehicles into data-packed and self-sufficient hubs of intelligence. But, technology is also changing the way these vehicles are manufactured, enabling more efficient output of high-volume vehicle orders. Not only is the industry making a higher volume of military vehicles, the quality of such vehicles is also improving, thanks to the latest quality control machinery.

Laser scanning drives quality assurance

Increasing customisation and complexity of the parts, which are used mainly in the vehicle interior, air conditioning system and control units, places a high demand on the inspection department of Czech company Lukov Plast, a producer of injection moulded plastic parts.

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