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Aberlink Coordinating Innovation at Control 2

Aberlink Innovative Metrology will be launching an advanced new shop-floor vision measuring system at Control 2015 (Hall 7, stand 7207).

Featuring Aberlink’s powerful vision software, plus a host of easy-to-use inspection tools, the innovative new Aberlink machine is designed to deliver high levels of accuracy, faster component throughput and enhanced ease of use.

Explore Bowers Group Products at Control, Stuttgart

Control 2015, the International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance will be once again playing host to the Bowers Group on our largest stand ever between the 5th and 8th of May. Measuring 108m2, the Bowers stand will be displaying products from across the group, including Bowers, Baty, Moore & Wright and CV Instruments.

Clever Thinking Helps Tata Steel Solve Tricky Upgrade

ABB’s latest generation of head mounted smart temperature transmitters have helped to provide a clever solution to a tricky upgrade project at Tata Steel in Port Talbot.

ABB’s solution involved thirty TTH300 temperature transmitters being used to replace Hartmann and Braun field mounted units installed in 1981 without the need for extensive retrofitting work.

With Hartmann and Braun now part of ABB, ABB was originally called to the site to quote for directly replacing the Hartmann and Braun TEU702 field-mounted transmitters with their modern day equivalent.

FARO Laser Tracker Aids JCB Jig & Fixture Calibration

The extremely accurate FARO Laser Tracker Vantage helped to generate traceable certificates for jigs and fixtures calibration procedures.

In 1945, Joseph Cyril Bamford launched the construction and agricultural manufacturing company that bears his initials. Over the years, the company’s pioneering spirit and reputation for superb build quality has led to huge success:

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