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Blum Helps To ‘Measure at Speed’

Practically everyone has used a consumer product that has been manufactured with carbide inserts from Ceratizit at least once in their lives, 90% of all the balls in ballpoint pens come from this company.

For the measurement of carbide cutting inserts, Ceratizit Austria recently began using an automated measuring cell from Blum-Novotest. This system is special in that the measurements are precise down to the last few microns – and this even though each measurement takes less than four seconds.

Flexible Gauge now offered with INTUO software

The Renishaw Equator™ flexible gauge is now offered with the new INTUO™ gauging software, combined with a range of industry standard Renishaw probes.

INTUO simplifies and automates the gauging of a wide variety of parts, removing dependence on the skill of manual gauge users. Reducing gauging inconsistency reduces scrap, whilst ensuring parts that are out of tolerance are always identified.

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