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Flexible Gauge now offered with INTUO software

The Renishaw Equator™ flexible gauge is now offered with the new INTUO™ gauging software, combined with a range of industry standard Renishaw probes.

INTUO simplifies and automates the gauging of a wide variety of parts, removing dependence on the skill of manual gauge users. Reducing gauging inconsistency reduces scrap, whilst ensuring parts that are out of tolerance are always identified.

Enviropower Maintains Constant Power Output With ABB Gas Analyzers

Highly reliable ABB gas analyzers that have not suffered a single time loss failure in five years have allowed a waste to energy plant in West Sussex to achieve its target of 85% percent operating time.

The plant, owned and operated by Enviropower in Lancing, has a 5MWe capacity, burning around 60,000 tonnes a year of biomass fuel derived from construction and demolition waste.

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