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Software Standardisation Increases Efficiency and Makes Inspection Easy

The metrology industry has seen incredible changes over recent years, both in terms of the supplier base and the types of measuring technology on offer.

There was a time when the metrology tool of choice was the traditional granite-based CMM, and for many organisations that is still the case. However, there are now many other types of disruptive technologies available, such as white-light scanning, red and blue lasers, portable arms, laser trackers, photogrammetry, … the list goes on, all making claims to be the “new standard” in metrology.

A Tasty Beer Requires A Smooth Finish

As even the smallest numbers of contaminants can multiply during the brewing process, ensuring that outstanding levels of hygiene are maintained is vital to the effective production of quality beer.

The avoidance of contaminants helps to guarantee the delivery of a high quality product and prevents the possibility of revenue losses through the production of a spoil batch.

Productivity Improvements

To be a world leader in a specified sector when you have a history that dates back to 1911, is something that is rarely found.

However, Padley & Venables has found its niche as the leading UK manufacturer of construction tools that are sold worldwide.

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