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Flexible Force Measurement The Advantages Of Materials Testing On The Move

Force measurement is an essential part of product manufacturing across a vast array of industries.

However, relying on large and expensive force measurement machines is not always feasible — or even necessary — in all manufacturing applications. Here, John Cove, marketing manager of  measurement and metrology expert, Starrett, explains the advantages of using handheld devices for quality inspection and force measurement testing.

CT inspection advances 3D-printed medical implants

Ortho Baltic is the first manufacturer of patient-specific, temporomandibular joint endoprostheses in the Baltic states and one of only three in Europe.

The implants replace loss or lack of functionality of jaw movement. To underpin their production, the firm invested in 2012 in additive manufacturing (AM) technology and recently acquired CT inspection equipment from Nikon Metrology for quality control.

An ‘Xtreme’ Shop Floor Test

The remarkable sales success of Aberlink’s recently launched Xtreme Coordinate Measuring Machine has justified the company’s contention that industry needed a cost-effective, robust CMM that could provide accurate measurements at the point of manufacture.

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