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Subcontractor Replaces Two CMMs With One Video Measuring Machine

Second-tier supplier of light pressings and small assemblies to the automotive industry, Berck Limited, has invested in a Nikon Metrology iNEXIV VMA-4540 CNC video measuring machine fitted with tactile probing capability. Installed at the subcontractor’s factory in West Bromwich, UK.

Two-thirds of Berck’s output goes to the vehicle manufacturing industry in the UK and overseas, of which 40 per cent is bracketry for the engine compartment or wiring loom and the remainder comprises precision contacts for lights, windows, seats and other electrical equipment.

Carlin Motorsport Keeps A Level Head

Bowers Group has supplied Carlin, a professional motor racing team, with several WYLER Clinotronic PLUS Digital Inclinometers.

The inclinometers are used in the workshop, garage, and at the track, making them a key tool in the set up and maintenance of Carlin’s motorsport cars.

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