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Harmonizing Vending Systems with Industry 4.0

New vending and vending-related solutions, inspired in part by Industry 4.0, have been popping up on the horizon recently, with a shared aim to provide manufacturers with better and leaner ways to manage and dispense items to the shop floor.
Here is an overview of some of the options that are harnessing the most relevant and exciting Industry 4.0-inspired developments to maximize - and harmonize - production efficiency.

Renishaw expands European reach of AM Solutions Centres

To accelerate the adoption of laser powder bed fusion for series production applications, engineering company Renishaw has expanded its global network of additive manufacturing (AM) Solutions Centres. New facilities in Barcelona, Spain and Torino, Italy are now operational to allow local companies to access Renishaw’s equipment and expertise at a fixed and predictable cost.
Launched in 2016, Renishaw’s Solutions Centres enable businesses a secure development environment to build their knowledge and confidence using AM technology. The facilities are equipped with the latest AM systems, including Renishaw’s multi-laser machines, alongside all the metrology, finishing and machining equipment required to make a functional part.

Sawing machine company joins NextGenAM project

Sawing machine manufacturer Kasto is supporting the NextGenAM project, the aim of which is automation of industrial 3D printing to optimise workflow and cut costs for large scale production. The project initiators in 2017 were aerospace supplier Premium Aerotec, automotive manufacturer Daimler and EOS, a provider of industrial 3D printing systems.

Getting a Grip on Clamping With Additive Manufacturing

The onset of miniaturisation is becoming more prominent in industry and the respective machining applications and production processes. This pattern is naturally seeing the necessity for clamping chucks to become smaller, more precise and more powerful. As these requirements cannot be met with conventional manufacturing, MAPAL is a cutting tool manufacturer leading the way by using additive manufacturing by selective laser melting to produce chucks and tool holders.

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