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Robots - Why worry?

UK manufacturing advances hampered by reluctance to invest in robotic automation

The Automotive sector has undergone a robotic revolution, but likely candidates going forward include pharmaceuticals and especially food, where many of the physically-demanding manual jobs are pretty unrewarding for human workers and can even lead to health problems such as repetitive strain injury. So why the worry?

XYZ 2-OP double your profit

At XYZ we specialise in supplying top quality built machine tools, with the very best in powerful but easy-to-use CNC controls. We then support all our products and all our customers across the UK from our five XYZ Centres. Formed in 1984 XYZ has grown to be the largest supplier of CNC machine tools into the UK market and now exports across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

At XYZ we aim to become your long term partner in prototype and low volume production.

Vice for high precision and process security

ZSG4 centric vice system

The new ZSG4 centric vice system from WNT (UK) is a highly versatile workholding system that can be equipped with a multitude of jaw combinations, enabling a wide range of components to be gripped precisely and securely. The new system has several features that bring significant advantages to the production environment and has an added incentive of a 20 per cent discount on list price on all ZSG4 vices until 31st May 2015.

ISCAR Turbocharge Productivity

Adjustable face milling cutters for insert S845 SNHU 1305 ANR-MM MS32

Not withstanding the recent reductions in fuel prices, and in anticipation of inevitable future price increases, many of the world’s major car manufacturers are reducing their engine sizes. Even though smaller engine capacities deliver the welcome benefit of lower fuel consumption, through the use of a range of technologies, not least advanced turbocharges, no loss of performance is experienced.

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