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ISCAR Turbocharge Productivity

Adjustable face milling cutters for insert S845 SNHU 1305 ANR-MM MS32

Not withstanding the recent reductions in fuel prices, and in anticipation of inevitable future price increases, many of the world’s major car manufacturers are reducing their engine sizes. Even though smaller engine capacities deliver the welcome benefit of lower fuel consumption, through the use of a range of technologies, not least advanced turbocharges, no loss of performance is experienced.

ONA EDM supports Formaplex’s world-class manufacturing solutions

ONA EDM supports Formaplex’s world-class manufacturing solutions

Formaplex is a dynamic manufacturing group using innovative processes and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to deliver cost-effective, superior tooling and component solutions to customers across many demanding sectors. Here, an ONA bridge-type EDM machine is supporting the company’s moulding and tooling operation.

SGS JetStream technology delivers cool performance benefits

Available from SGS, the Patented JetStream technology delivers significant cutting tool performance benefits by ensuring coolant is delivered to the shear zone

SGS Carbide Tool is a company with a global reputation for developing and commercialising cutting tool technology that ultimately provides engineering and manufacturing businesses with significant advantages. One such successful development is the Patented JetStream coolant feeding technology offered on a number of the high performance tool ranges manufactured by SGS.

Hasco partnership key to Pentagon Plastics

Finished tool

A family-owned business, Pentagon Plastics was established in 1972 to provide a low volume plastic component moulding service to customers in various industrial sectors. Today, with an extensive toolroom and an impressive range of plastic injection moulding machines, the company provides a one stop shop for customers. Working in partnership, Hasco has become the company’s preferred mould tool component supplier.

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