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Standfast lives up to its name as Oil and Gas sector recovers

The well documented downturn in the oil & gas market hit many sub-contract companies hard, and while many chose to make cutbacks, Craigellachie, Banffshire-based Standfast Precision Engineering decided to stand firm and resisted the temptation to downsize. This meant when the work started to return it was fully manned with all the skills it needed to meet demand.

Quantum Improvements

High-Precision Single Stroke Honing® process produces <2 micron cylindricity in bores up to 10X longer than diameter
Sunnen Products Company has a quantum improvement in a key manufacturing process for cast-iron hydraulic valve bodies using a precision single pass process that achieves cylindricity/straightness under 2 microns in bores up to 10 times longer than diameter.

Third cell to fulfil Hypercar contract

When Tamworth-based Alcon Components was awarded a contract to supply the lightweight monobloc brake calipers for a new hybrid electric hypercar, the subcontractor turned to Kingsbury to supply an automated, turnkey machining cell to produce the aluminium components.

Comprising a Hermle C 32 U 5-axis machining centre fed with pallets from an Erowa Robot Easy 250 automated storage and handling system, the cell was delivered in mid-2018 and started producing the calipers immediately, as the job had already been proved out on a nearly identical cell installed in 2016. The only difference is that the latest machine has a greater extended tool capacity than the previous cell.

Powering Ahead With production savings for Oil and Gas companies

Top tier suppliers to the oil and gas, and power generation industries are no different to companies involved in any other supply chain – they need to constantly work smarter, quicker and more cost-effectively to not only meet their customers’ demands, but also to ensure that their own bottom-line margins are not only maintained but, ideally, also improved!

Nowadays, this means investing in best-in-class manufacturing technologies and as global oil and gas markets become ever-more competitive, an increasing number of suppliers (and OEMs) are gaining formerly undreamt of production savings by harnessing Starrag’s ‘Engineering precisely what you value’ strategy.

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