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The success of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is based on the long-time policy of utilising the desires and concerns of our customers as a key driving force for our business.

Our mission is not merely to provide tools, but deliver intelligent solutions from motivated staff that live up to the ever changing requirements of a constantly developing industry.


We are proud to be one of the very few carbide tooling companies that implements and quality controls every single process from raw material extraction through to the end product. That gives us and customers the comfort of knowing that Mitsubishi quality can be found in every aspect of every product. It also ensures that the precision tools we produce are of a standard that others can aspire to. The prerequisite for success is our in-house development. This is an area in which the enormous diversity offered by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation plays a central role. It is a mainstay that is built primarily on the passion and innovations contributed by our workforce. Unparalleled professionalism and more than a touch of creativity are two of the unique strengths of our team. Cooperation between the individual divisions at Mitsubishi Materials Corporation creates synergies without which our cutting-edge technology standards would simply not be possible. It is with good reason that we are regarded as one of the worlds leading cutting tool suppliers.

Our economic goals include increasing our foothold in the UK and European markets and working with our customers to continue our successful growth together. Core sectors for this planned growth include the automotive industry, plus those segments that are notoriously difficult and require precise and reliable processing. The aerospace industry is another area for which we intend to provide more and better solutions, leveraging our extensive materials expertise to achieve mutual growth. The UK branch is continually expanding its capability in the aerospace and automotive sectors by recruiting experienced and knowledgeable engineers to provide the service and hands-on capabilities that customers require. “We strive to build the foundations for continued successful development – with a workforce that we trust and believe in and the overall experience of more than 25 years in the UK and over 140 years of Mitsubishi company history”   (UK General Manager – Tom Jones).
The corporate philosophy of sharing also provides great benefit to the UK market. The local UK Mitsubishi branch, established in 1993, has direct European time zone communication with the European head office in Germany and gains all the benefits of access to a huge European stock centre that provides overnight delivery across UK and the continent. A pooling of market and application data with sister companies in France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Russia can provide UK customers with the very latest tools and information needed for successful machining.

Additionally, a close cooperation between all divisions of the Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has led to a tight-knit, high-performance network connecting and integrating various capabilities and solutions; Mitsubishi Materials is active in more than 77 countries worldwide. The three main manufacturing plants in Akashi, Gifu and Tsukuba, together with the European site in Valencia form the core of the production facilities.

The close cooperation between production, and research and development is a constant source of ground-breaking innovations. The focus is always on providing customers with best-in-class products while continuously optimising existing manufacturing processes to maintain a competitive edge. The amalgamation with Kobelco more than ten years ago added the famous MIRACLE coating to the Mitsubishi portfolio. In depth research has enabled us to improve this technology even further and develop it into a unique new process: IMPACT MIRACLE is an evolution of PVD coating technology that offers even greater wear resistance and performance. Derivatives of this key coating technology has been transferred to all the various facets of our metal cutting tools.


Indexable inserts and tools for all types of turning applications are a core constituent of the carbide tools in the Mitsubishi range. In addition, Mitsubishi are one of the few companies in the world that has the technology and expertise necessary for producing and processing extremely hard CBN materials. After diamond, CBN is one of the hardest materials known and Mitsubishi uses it in the turning insert range to enable reliable machining of extremely hard material applications. For the demanding aerospace sector to combat the common issue of edge fracturing and insert breakages when turning difficult to cut materials, Mitsubishi introduced its latest series of insert grades: the 9000 series for difficult-to-cut materials. Incorporating the innovative Miracle Sigma Technology, the new coated MP9005, MP9015 and uncoated MT9015 insert grades have been introduced with the option of a minus corner radius tolerance.


The vast range of milling tools varies from solid carbide end mills through to high performance indexable insert end mills and large diameter face milling cutters. The solid end mill range includes tiny 0.1mm diameter tools up to diameter 25 roughing cutters and incorporates the latest technology IMPACT MIRACLE series for the ultimate high performance for hard material applications and the important area of milling super alloys. The latest exchangeable head end mill, the iMX series have an innovative carbide to carbide double face clamping feature that ensures the ultimate in rigidity and tool change accuracy. This combination provides costs savings in both tool change and offset measuring times as well as the savings by replacing only the cutting edge section instead of a whole end mill. Indexable insert shell milling tools such as VFX, has recently shown to provide breakthrough performance and reliability in titanium machining. Metal removal rates of up to 500cm/3 have been achieved in real life applications on titanium alloy components for aircraft landing gear.


Every step of the manufacturing process, from extraction and selection of the tungsten ores to the final coating of the tool, is carried out in-house, giving a proven approach for ensuring superior quality that lives up to the toughest demands. Mitsubishi Materials’ micro carbide drills, plus drills for all materials including those for aluminium and multi-purpose machining are the perfect solution for professional hole making. High-feed, extra deep hole drilling and through coolant for optimised MQL use are just two prime examples of intelligent solutions for special areas which, until recently, lacked efficient and economical production processes. Smart thinking has led to simple solutions for some old problems associated with indexable insert drilling with the latest MVX type for hole depths up to 6 x D. Difficulties such as chip clogging on deep holes, dissimilar rates of wear on inner and outer inserts due to differing peripheral speeds, plus flexing and wear of the drill body itself have all been resolved with a new and innovative design. The existing range of inserts for MVX has been complemented with 2 new chipbreakers, plus a new insert grade for aluminium.

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