Back in March, in a blaze of publicity, 300 people witnessed the biggest cutting-tool launch in ISCAR Tools history at the ICC in Birmingham. Since this time, as the comprehensive new ISCAR LOGIQ range offers highly efficient solutions to the vast majority of machining operations and materials, many end-users have switched to LOGIQ cutting tools. Here, ISCAR UK Sales Manager, David Jones explains the success of ISCAR’s all-embracing new range.


Charles Eames the famous US designer once said “Recognising the need is the primary condition for design”. Observing this wise maxim, ISCAR employ a team of industry specific machining experts who are able to act as a bridge between companies involved in all aspects of metal cutting and ISCAR’s Research and Development team. The invaluable, continuous feedback delivered by ISCAR’s industry specific experts to our prolific R&D team, enables global industries’ diverse and ever evolving needs to be recognised and to be acted on.

In addition to the invaluable intelligence received from global industry, ISCAR’s staff work closely with the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers to ensure that the company is kept aware of all new technical developments. Last but not least, ISCAR’s metallurgical experts constantly monitor advances across all classes of materials.

This unceasing flow of high-grade information ensures that, rather than launch a cutting tool solution then look for a machining problem to solve, each of ISCAR’s products are painstakingly researched and when launched constitute highly-efficient, cost-effective solutions to real-world machining problems.
As many of ISCAR’s recent R&D programs were nearing completion at approximately the same time, and as each new product series represented a major advance in a particular aspect of machining, rather than launch every cutting tool range separately, the obvious synergy between each new ISCAR product suggested that a major, mass launch was the way forward.

The application of LOGIQ

Why LOGIQ? ISCAR has taken the company’s very successful IQ concept of machining intelligently even further by applying a wide range of logical developments to cutting tools.  The application of LOGIQ has allowed the creation of advanced new ISCAR ranges, it has enabled existing product lines to be further upgraded and has also inspired many innovative new product series that assist users in maximizing equipment utilization and optimizing performance.

LOGIQ – Perfect Timing!

When the LOGIQ range was launched in the UK earlier this year, the subject of productivity was near the top of the political agenda. ISCAR LOGIQ’s focus on boosting users’ output, increasing efficiencies and improving machine tool yields, chimed perfectly with the Government’s push for increased productivity. Also, immediately after its launch, the advanced new ISCAR LOGIQ range made its MACH 2018 debut. As the high-profile LOGIQ launch had prompted many potential users to visit the ISCAR stand, our staff was kept busy throughout the exhibition explaining the multiple benefits of the new range and making appointments to visit potential users.

The LOGIQ of Industry 4.0

 In an age when sophisticated process monitoring and instantaneous acquisition of machining data is becoming increasingly important, the instant availability of state-of-the-art manufacturing consumables, such as advanced cutting-tools is equally vital.

To ensure the most appropriate cutting tool is always available when needed, tools can be stored in our range of ‘smart’ Matrix vending machines that can be integrated into customers’ advanced management systems.

The installation of a vending system is motivated by users need to guarantee the instant availability of tools that will ensure that production does not stop. In addition, businesses see the implementation of a vending machine system as a way to minimise the cost and risk of stock ownership by optimising stock levels

The proof of the Tool is in the Cutting!

Since the end of the MACH exhibition, to help prove the spectacular machining efficiencies that can be achieved by the use of LOGIQ cutting tools, ISCAR sales engineers have performed multiple machining trials in existing and potential customers’ premises in all parts of the UK. This has resulted in many users of other cutting tool brands converting to ISCAR LOGIQ products. As further cutting trials are due to be made in the near future, it is anticipated that many other users will soon switch to the use of LOGIQ cutting tools.

The extremely positive feed-back we have received from ISCAR LOGIQ users indicates that in all cases, the promised machining performance improvements have been realised, and in many cases exceeded. Impressed by their early experience, numerous customers are now investigating other company machining processes that could benefit from the impressive efficiencies already delivered by the use of ISCAR LOGIQ cutting tools.

The multiple advantages provided by the use of ISCAR LOGIQ cutting tools can be illustrated by the recent turning trial conducted within the UK on an application related to the machining of Stainless Steel. The customer was using a premium grade carbide tool provided by a major global cutting tool manufacturer. With the use of the recommended LOGIQ 4 TURN cutting tool, cutting speeds were able to be raised from 114 m/min to 134 m/min and feeds boosted from 0.2 mm/rev to 0.22 mm/rev. In addition, the depth of cut was increased from 0.75mm to 2.15mm and the number of passes needed dropped from 3 to just a single pass. As the hard wearing LOGIQ product resulted in the production of 9,000 parts per cutting-edge, compared to a previous 3,000, not only were far fewer cutting tools needed for production runs, much less time was lost in stopping to change cutting tools. As well as producing comma/helical chips, rather than the previous tangled chips and also enhancing the part’s surface finish, the advanced LOGIQ 4 TURN tool improved many other machining parameters, such as raising metal removal rates from16.04 cm3/min to 53.69 cm3/mm. The impressive trial data, verified by the staff of the company concerned, proved that a remarkable saving of 72.3% would be achieved by the use of the advanced ISCAR product. This new ISCAR customer is now reaping the benefits of the use of innovative LOGIQ 4 TURN tooling.

Greater demand means more staff – its LOGIQ

The success of the LOGIQ product range and the subsequent boost in sales means that ISCAR UK are currently looking to employ several additional sales engineers, to help us cope with our considerable increase in business. The great success of the LOGIQ range and the continuing rise in demand means that there has never been a better time to join the ISCAR UK sales team.


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