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MACH to the future?

Manufacturers have every reason to be optimistic about the year ahead following an encouraging MACH 2018, says Dave Atkinson, UK head of manufacturing at Lloyds Bank.

UK manufacturers are in a strong position. Since the start of the year we’ve seen order books grow and optimism continue to rise. And the sector is confident about future job creation, too, with half of firms telling us they plan to create new jobs in the coming year.

On The Subject Of Industry 4.0

Dr Jürgen Hohnhaus, Bystronic’s Head of Development

Dr Hohnhaus, Bystronic recently launched the ByStar Fiber laser cutting system. How much Industry 4.0 is packed into this product?

Designing With Obsolescence In Mind

It’s fair to say that the smartphone is to blame for many everyday technologies including the calculator, the torch and the camera slowly entering the realms of obsolescence.

However, not even this disruptive technology can go on ruling our lives forever; a study by Ericsson found that one in two people believe the smartphone will be obsolete in five years time. With tech life cycles becoming shorter, it is important for product designers to plan in advance for component obsolescence to maximise the life span of their products.

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