Lines for surface treatment including anodising and chemical cleaning are sold in the UK by Turbex as a result of an agreement with Galvatek, whose equipment will be highlighted at this year’s Surface World Live show.

Established for over 30 years, the world renowned manufacturer has designed, delivered, installed and continues to service more than 600 turnkey installations in over 35 countries.


Galvatek is especially well known in the aerospace industry, as its lines for chemical cleaning, anodising and etching are used in factories manufacturing aircraft parts and engine components, as well as in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector. Supply of anodising plant forms a large part of the business. Such facilities comprise one or several lines and typically use TSA (tartaric sulphuric acid) or PSA (phosphoric sulphuric acid).

Chemical cleaning lines are built either for one specific purpose or as part of a larger package where it prepares parts for other surface treatment phases. Turnkey solutions are regularly supplied, complete with waste water purification and recycling systems.

Some systems are capable of contra-rotation of the holding basket and spray jets, the motions being individually adjustable to enhance processing efficiency. Other equipment is aimed primarily at high-precision cleaning applications in the optics, medical, aerospace, automotive, nuclear and electronics sectors, with the possibility of simulated clean room conditions.

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